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Talk at Book Launch of Stillbirth

David Rand Publication Date: 2023-01-23 The following is the talk given by David Rand, author of the book Stillbirth, The Failure of Secularism in the English-Speaking World at the launch event held at Le Port de tête bookstore, in Montreal,

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Stillbirth, The Failure of Secularism in the English-Speaking World

David Rand, Stillbirth, Sept. 2022 Review by Pierre Marchand I recommend David Rand’s book Stillbirth to anyone interested in secular issues. It clearly exposes the differences between Anglo-Saxon secularism of the Lockean variety and republican secularism à la française. The

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Blog 123: Cultural Relativism, Cultural Imperialism & Quebec Bill 21

Opponents of Bill 21 Reject Objectivity David Rand 2021-06-02 Suppose that we are confronted with a situation where conflicting values collide, where two groups of people who come into contact with each other have very different approaches to a given social

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Blog 122: The Abysmal Hypocrisy of CFI-Canada

David Rand 2021-04-30 Centre For Inquiry – Canada (CFI-Canada or CFIC) is a Canadian organization originally founded as an outgrowth of the major American humanist organization CFI with which it is still affiliated. Despite its claim of promoting secularism, the

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