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“Stillbirth, The Failure of Secularism in the English-Speaking World”

David Rand, “Stillbirth”, Sept. 2022 Order the eBook Order the paperback How Anglo Ethnocentrism, French Postmodernism and Fashionable Nonsense have Neutralized Secularism We are all familiar with Thomas Jefferson’s famous metaphor of a “wall of separation” which he used in

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Blog 123: Cultural Relativism, Cultural Imperialism & Quebec Bill 21

Opponents of Bill 21 Reject Objectivity David Rand 2021-06-02 Suppose that we are confronted with a situation where conflicting values collide, where two groups of people who come into contact with each other have very different approaches to a given social

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Blog 122: The Abysmal Hypocrisy of CFI-Canada

David Rand 2021-04-30 Centre For Inquiry – Canada (CFI-Canada or CFIC) is a Canadian organization originally founded as an outgrowth of the major American humanist organization CFI with which it is still affiliated. Despite its claim of promoting secularism, the

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