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[Name withheld by signer], Canada

Thomas Fourie, Canada

Sebastian Brown, Canada

[Name withheld by signer], Canada

Chuck Eelhart, Canada

azar aziz, Morocco

Ron Francisco, Canada

Dmitri Ioutsis, Canada

Aspince Laframboise, Canada

[Name withheld by signer], Morocco

[Name withheld by signer], Switzerland

haejungkim, South Korea

john r gregg, United States

Md Azadur Rahman, [other]

Paul Chuckle, Rwanda

Halil KAPLAN, Canada

Halil KAPLAN, Canada

[Name withheld by signer], Canada

Tiffany McAteer, Canada

Abdur Rab, France

Jamie-Lee McLean-Davis, Canada

M M Ahsan Habib, Canada

audrey colman, Canada

Jim Atherton, Canada

Roman Korol, Canada

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