T-Shirts For Sale

Support Atheist Freethinkers!

Purchase a t-shirt!

Our t-shirts, with the association logo (in French) are available for $ 25.00 each.

AFT t-shirt, black
AFT t-shirt, white

Colours available: black, white

Sizes available: S*, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL*
(* limited quantities of sizes S and XXXL)

By purchasing one or more of our t-shirts, you help to support Atheist Freethinkers financially. By wearing yours, you help us to increase our visibility and promote our ideas. Thank you!

We are currently unable to deliver purchases by post or courrier. If you plan to attend one of our meetup events or other meetings, please contact us (indicating your size and colour preference). We will bring your purchase to the event so that you can pick it up and pay at that time.

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