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International Solidarity with Religion-State Separation

Publication Date: 2023-11-04 Would your organization like to endorse this declaration? We are looking for associations, internationally, who would be interested in signing. You can reach us via this on-line form. Furthermore, we invite you to publish this declaration on

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Talk at Book Launch of Stillbirth

David Rand Publication Date: 2023-01-23 The following is the talk given by David Rand, author of the book Stillbirth, The Failure of Secularism in the English-Speaking World at the launch event held at Le Port de tête bookstore, in Montreal,

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Blog 130: Republican Secularism versus Secularism

Pierre Marchand 2021-12-16 Let us start by defining a few terms. By republican secularism (laïcité républicaine), we mean the republican model of secularism established by the French Law of Separation of Churches and State of 1905: Article 1 : “The Republic

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Blog 125: The Inappropriate Modesty of Quebec Secularists

David Rand 2021-11-02 In the fall of 2016, the Liberal Party of Quebec government held parliamentary hearings in Quebec City to study Draft Bill 62 (Session 41) which ostensibly affirmed State religious neutrality but was extremely weak—although too much for

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