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Blog 136: Multiculturalism and Colonialism

Pierre Marchand 2022-01-27 Canadian multiculturalism is pure colonialism. The descendants of British colonists and American loyalists who took refuge here are the masters of the country, regardless of which political party is in power. Nowhere is this colonialism more patent

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Muslim Association of Canada, its Dubious Invitees, its Government Grants

David Rand 2021-09-11 The above video was initially recorded for John Richards’ Youtube channel FreeThought Productions, episode of 2021-08-14. Transcript of the above video: A Canadian Jewish organization has denounced the Muslim Association of Canada or MAC for inviting an

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Blog 124: English Canada’s Unhealthy Obsession with Islam Gets Worse

David Rand 2021-07-01 Since a deadly vehicle attack on a family in London, Ontario on June 6, 2021, media and politicians in English Canada have deepened their unhealthy obsession with Islam. The Trudeau government has even proposed new legislation to

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Blog 123: Cultural Relativism, Cultural Imperialism & Quebec Bill 21

Opponents of Bill 21 Reject Objectivity David Rand 2021-06-02 Suppose that we are confronted with a situation where conflicting values collide, where two groups of people who come into contact with each other have very different approaches to a given social

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Does the EMSB Condone Child Abuse?

David Rand, Réal Boivin, Pierre Thibault Libres penseurs athées—Atheist Freethinkers, Association intervening in the case Hak versus AGQ 2020-12-24 In the Same Series: What Was Left Unsaid at the Trial of Bill 21 Does the EMSB Condone Child Abuse? (THIS

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