Muslim Association of Canada, its Dubious Invitees, its Government Grants

David Rand


The above video was initially recorded for John Richards’ Youtube channel FreeThought Productions, episode of 2021-08-14.

Transcript of the above video:

A Canadian Jewish organization has denounced the Muslim Association of Canada or MAC for inviting an antisemitic speaker to its recent Muslim Student Leadership Conference. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs or CIJA says that Tareq Al-Suwaidan, is “a notorious extremist preacher affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood” and “the author of the wildly antisemitic ‘Jewish Encyclopedia,’ a book which […] is littered with antisemitic propaganda, including Holocaust denial.”

An archived webpage from few days previous proves that Al-Suwaidan was indeed scheduled to speak at the conference, but was cancelled, apparently in response to the CIJA’s exposure of his sordid record. In other words, the CIJA has exposed the MAC’s duplicity.

Tareq al-Suwaidan was a speaker at a previous MAC event a few months ago. Another speaker at that event was Marwan Muhammed of the CCIF (Collective Against Islamophobia in France) which dissolved itself in the wake of the killing of Samuel Paty, just before the French government prepared to dissolve it. The CCIF apparently had links to the Muslim Brotherhood and frequently published statistics of dubious validity about alleged acts of so-called “Islamophobia.” Yet another speaker at that event, Abdullah Hakim Quick, had in the past said that gay men should be put to death, but now claims to have changed his mind.

The MAC claims to have no link with the Muslim Brotherhood. It also claims to conduct due diligence on invited speakers to ensure they do not espouse hate, racism and antisemitism. It also claims that “MAC’s policy requires that all speeches reflect the true message and universal values of Islam and the Muslim community such as justice, mercy, peace, respect, security, equity, dignity, and equality.” The MAC statement includes a liberal dose of what could be called Trudeau-speak, that is, nice-sounding verbiage such as “Canada is stronger through its diversity and tolerance” which is typical of the vapid discourse of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Muslim Association of Canada has received a $225,000 grant from the Province of Ontario to combat so-called “Islamophobia” in schools. It has also received a $349,000 grant from the Canadian government in order to address so-called “systemic barriers” to the participation of Muslim girls in sports. In other words, these two levels of government are using taxpayers’ money to pay the MAC to promote the Islamic veil in schools and sports.

These various events occurred around the same time as Prime Minister Trudeau held a one-day “National Summit on Islamophobia” at which another Islamic organization, the National Council of Canadian Muslims or NCCM, made recommendations which would cripple Canadian security agencies’ ability to tackle the problem of Islamism. Trudeau listened respectfully and sympathetically. The Summit and the NCCM’s recommendations were denounced by more than 50 persons from a Muslim background who are very concerned about Trudeau courting the Islamist vote in preparation for a federal election.

The NCCM is a leader in the opposition to Quebec’s secular Bill 21 and wants the federal government to participate in its campaign against that provincial law, with complete disregard for the democratic decision of the people of that province who strongly support it. The MAC also opposes that ground-breaking legislation.

Thanks to Frédéric Bastien for revealing much of the information above.

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