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Theology = Study of NOTHING

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The Old Myth that Atheism = Immorality

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Theism: Incompatible with basic human rights.

Greatest threat to freedom of conscience: religion itself, especially fundamentalist monotheisms.

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Atheism, yes! But also, anti-theism.

Anti-theism is not extremist.
It is necessary self-defense.

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Secularism requires state institutions free of religious symbols

including those worn by staff.

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Freedom of religion is not fundamental.

Freedom of conscience is fundamental & includes freedom OF & FROM religion.

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Veiling Young Girls = Child Abuse

as unacceptable as sexual abuse.

It must be forbidden by law.

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Absolute doubt:
as untenable as absolute certainty.

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Human beings deserve respect.
Ideas and Ideologies do not.

To respect believers:
(1) defend their freedom of conscience;
(2) criticize their beliefs.

(1) & (2) are completely compatible.

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Religious indoctrination in Quebec:

“Ethics & Religious Culture”

Indoctrinating schoolchildren in the ideology of communitarianism.

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Propaganda tools of Islamofascism:

  1. Impose the veil wherever possible
  2. Play the victim: e.g. accusations of “Islamophobia”
  3. Identity politics: Muslim identity takes priority over citizenship or anything else

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Communitarianism (a.k.a. Multiculturalism) is incompatible with secularism.

Canadian Multiculturalism leads to cultural relativism and gives priority to ethno-religious identity over citizenship.

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Islamism is a variant of Islam

Radical, political Islam is not a distortion of Islam. Rather, it is a fundamentalist variant and compatible with it.

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The far-right exists.
It’s called Islamofascism.

Other far-right movements are of little significance in Canada & Quebec.

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To Mistrust Religion = Due Diligence

Extreme Intolerance is Intolerable

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Apostasy is a Human Right

“Blasphemy” is NOT a Crime

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