Blog 080: Letter to Québécois about Islam

Pierre Cloutier ll.m


I declare, affirm and uphold the view that Islam, commonly described as a “religion,” is also an ideology which is dangerous for humanity because a major part of its holy book, the koran, specifically the Medina verses (622-632) (Suras 87–114 in chronological order) are CRIMINOGENIC verses which call upon the faithful to hate Christians, Jews, nonbelievers, polytheists, apostates, homosexuals, which order mutilation of the body and corporal punishment, which command discrimination against and degradation of women, which call for hatred of the female body, hatred of passions and pleasures, hatred of freedom and free will, which show contempt for intellectuals, which contain numerous prohibitions of various foods and behaviours, of which the first victims are Muslims themselves whom we must nevertheless respect as human persons, even while remaining perfectly aware of how they have been formatted by that ideology since childhood.

I declare that we must have this debate here, among us, we must ask the right questions, we must do all this in the public forum. We must ask what is being taught in mosques and koranic schools, and do so with respect for democracy and the rule of law and never, under any circumstances, use hateful or discriminatory speech towards anyone. Neither to laugh nor to weep, but rather to understand. It is false to pretend that Islam is “a religion just like the others” or that religion is essentially “inoffensive.”

No, Islam is not a religion like the others. It is a proselytizing and conquering ideology, thoroughly vigorous, and with an armed wing full of soldiers ready to die in order to impose the law of Allah. We must call things by their name: Islam is an ideology which imposes a dictatorship over minds, based on total submission and obedience to Allah, the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, to whom everything and everyone belongs, all living beings and all inanimate objects.

Our duty as responsible citizens is first of all to trace the genealogy of this ideology, with neither hatred nor contempt, calmly, democratically, using our fundamental right of freedom of expression to enlighten minds and to help Muslims undertake this critical task which has not been done in Islam as it has been, since the era known as the “Enlightenment,” by philosophers such as Nietzsche for Christianity and Spinoza for Judaism. Above all, we must fight against the censorship which multiculturalism and communitarianism impose. This fight must be undertaken on the level of ideas and only on that level. We reject the death penalty. We reject all forms of violence. We reject hateful speech. However, tolerance and non-discrimination do not imply foolishness or ignorance. On the contrary, they must be based on critical thought, analysis and reason.

One comment on “Blog 080: Letter to Québécois about Islam
  1. Johnnyice says:

    Powerful, nicely written. The gymnastics needed to refute or deny the truth assertions in this letter would indeed need to be of olympian proportions and no doubt it will be attempted, good luck with that.

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