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Nobel Peace Prize to Narges Mohammadi

Iran’s Narges Mohammadi wins Nobel Peace Prize for her work fighting oppression of women, Thomson Reuters, CBC, 2023-10-06. Narges Mohammadi, imprisoned Iranian activist, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Friday. ‘The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to

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Women, Life, Freedom Charter

An Initiative of One Law for All, UK 2023-01-06 Sign onto the Women, Life, Freedom Charter www.iranfreedomcharter.com Iran’s women’s revolution has announced the end of the Islamic regime and its discrimination, misogyny and violations of the human right to life.

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Where is Soheil Arabi?

#WhereIsSoheilArabi and #FreeSoheil Maryam Namazie, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain Susanna McIntyre, Atheist Republic 2023-01-06 We, the undersigned ex-Muslim, atheist, secularist and freethought organisations, have joined together to politically sponsor the well-known Iranian atheist and ex-Muslim Soheil Arabi, who was

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Blog 141: Burn That Veil!

David Rand 2022-10-14, Addendum 2022-10-19 Iranians, especially Iranian women, are currently in revolt against the theocratic and tyrannical regime of their country. The Islamic veil has become the symbol of extreme religious repression and removing this stifling symbol has become

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Solidarity with Soheil Arabi

3 October: International Soheil DaySolidarity with Iranian atheist Soheil Arabi Maryam Namazie 2021-09-27 Soheil Arabi (photo: Wikipedia) Soheil Arabi is an Iranian atheist initially sentenced to death for ‘insulting the Prophet of Islam’ in Facebook posts. Due to public pressure,

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Navid Afkari: Ban Iran from International Sports!

One Law For All 2020-09-15 Navid Afkari, a young Iranian wrestler, was executed by the Islamic regime in Iran on 12 September 2020 despite widespread local and international pressure. He was executed on trumped up murder charges because of his

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