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PRESS RELEASE, 2022-08-16

For immediate release AFT Condemns the Attack on Salman Rushdie and Urges the Canadian Parliament to Repudiate Motion M-103 Montreal, 16th August 2022 — Atheist Freethinkers (LPA-AFT), an association which promotes secularism and supports the rights of atheists, unequivocally denounces the

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Solidarity with Soheil Arabi

3 October: International Soheil DaySolidarity with Iranian atheist Soheil Arabi Maryam Namazie 2021-09-27 Soheil Arabi (photo: Wikipedia) Soheil Arabi is an Iranian atheist initially sentenced to death for ‘insulting the Prophet of Islam’ in Facebook posts. Due to public pressure,

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World Atheist Day 2021

23rd March 2021 The International Coalition of Ex-Muslims and Atheist Republic have established the 23rd of March of each year as #AtheistDay in order to normalise atheism, defend the basic right to freedom from religion, and to stand in solidarity

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“Islamophobia” is Blasphemy

By Atheist Freethinkers Position adopted 2021-03-20. Minor corrections 2022-04-29. We, Atheist Freethinkers, strongly support the End Blasphemy Laws campaign whose goal is the repeal of all laws, in all countries of the world, which criminalize “blasphemy” or “insult to religion”

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In the News:
AAI Obtains Freedom for Umar Farouk in Nigeria

Story from an email of Atheist Alliance International (AAI), 2021-02-09. Click to view full size Umar Farouk leaving prison Last week our lawyers in Nigeria succeeded in quashing two convictions for blasphemy in the Shariah State of Kano. The first

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2020-09-02: STILL CHARLIE!

Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo ! 2020-09-02 On September 2nd 2020, in Paris, begins the trial of the jihadists accused of complicity in the massacre of the Charlie Hebdo editorial board in January of 2015. Cliquer pour agrandir Charlie Hebdo, 2020-09-02 Reading

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World Atheist Day 2020

23rd March 2020 This year, 2020, we are not organizing any particular event. The coronavirus crisis prevents us from doing so. While we wait for next year, here are a few links about this important day for us atheists. AFT

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In the News: Je suis Mila: Even in France, insulting Islam is taboo

Je suis Mila: A French teenager has been mobbed on Twitter, forced out of school and investigated by police for insulting Islam., Fraser Myers, Spiked, 2020-02-07. A 16-year-old has become the most hated girl in France after she criticised Islam

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In the News: US Congressional Hearings on Blasphemy, Heresy and Apostasy Laws

Humanist Witness Provides Testimony at Congressional Hearing on Blasphemy’s Impacts, American Humanist Association, 2020-01-28. (Washington, DC, January 28, 2020) — On Tuesday, American Humanist Association Policy Manager Rachel Deitch read congressional testimony on behalf of the AHA from Rafida Bonya

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In the News: Ireland’s Blasphemy Law Finally Gone

Ireland no longer has a blasphemy law, Atheist Ireland, 2020-01-02. We start the new decade with the good news that Ireland no longer has the medieval crime of blasphemy in our laws. Over the Christmas period, President Michael D Higgins

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