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Quebec Creates a Directorate of State Secularism

Loi 21: création d’une Direction de la laïcité de l’État (Bill 21: Creation of a Directorate of State Secularism), Marc-André Gagnon, Journal de Québec, 2021-12-03.

The government of Quebec has announced the creation of a Directorate of State Secularism whose mandate is:

  • to advise the minister responsible for Bill 21;
  • to support ministers and organisations in the application of Bill 21;
  • to maintain cutting-edge expertise, keeping abreast of the issue of secularism;
  • to produce documentation and analysis relevant to its mission;
  • to coordinate the Guy-Rocher Prize for Secularism, launched last March, to be awarded annually in order to recognize the contribution of a person, group or organization to the cause of secularism.

This is good news as it indicates the government’s intention to support Bill 21. However, the annual budget of only $100,000 is rather modest for such an important issue.

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