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Legault Announces End of ERC Program

Legault relaunches session with promise to end state of emergency early in new year, Isaac Olson, CBC, 2021-10-19.

One of the ways he will change education is by strengthening “national cohesion” by replacing the province’s ethics and religious culture curriculum in schools with a program focused on Quebec culture and citizenship. “It is also crucial to strongly support Quebec culture,” he said. “Culture propagates pride and pride is a powerful engine for a society. It is a determining factor of national cohesion.”

Thus Quebec Premier François Legault announces that the ethics and religious culture (ERC) program will be terminated. Good riddance! Many voices, including ours here at Atheist Freethinkers, have been calling for the cancellation of this nonsense course for years.

Nevertheless, before we celebrate, we await further details about the Quebec culture and citizenship course which will replace ERC.

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