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Neoracist Propaganda at Radio-Canada

Radio-Canada: la rééducation, Sophie Durocher, Journal de Montréal, 2021-02-12.

According to columnist Sophie Durocher, employees at Radio-Canada (the French-langage CBC) are now required to take special training to become more “inclusive,” to recognize their unconscious biases and “privileges” and to avoid committing “micro-agressions.” The training asserts the omnipresence of “systemic racism.”

Although this information requires confirmation, it would appear that so-called “anti-racist” training, similar to workshops which have become very popular in the USA, have arrived here. If so, then we are dealing with a major propaganda campaign. These workshops promote a racialist and neoracist ideology known as “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) which asserts that people from certain majorities are necessarily prejudiced against certain minorities and must work ceaselessly to rid themselves of their prejudices.

This highly divisive ideology stirs up racial tensions and creates more problems than it solves. Even worse, it fails to distinguish properly between different types of minorities and, in particular, essentializes religious affiliation, thus treating it as a “race.” This results in conflation of “race” and religion, the result of which is to compromise individuals’ freedom of conscience.

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