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Petition to End Discrimination Against Atheist Refugees

Petition e-3114 (Citizenship and immigration), Parliament of Canada, 2021-01-25.

Several organizations—CFI Canada, Humanist Canada and Secular Connexion Séculière—have initiated a parliamentary petition asking that atheist refugees, not just religious, be eligible for refugee status under the “Less Complex Claims” policy. This would simplify procedures for atheist refugees and accelerate claims. The petition underlines the urgency of this issue, noting that atheists are persecuted in several countries. If you are a Canadian citizen or resident, please consider signing this petition using the link above. If it garners at least 500 signatures, it will be presented before parliament. But of course, thousands of signatures would be much better!

Deadline to sign: 2021-04-25

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One comment on “In the News:
Petition to End Discrimination Against Atheist Refugees
  1. Darren Newton says:

    There are countries in which believing in no god is more dangerous than believing in the wrong god. If we, as a nation, are willing to offer protection to those who are the latter, than we must extend that same offer to the former.

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