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Save Afghan Atheists!

Kaihan 2021-11-08 An appeal received from Afghan atheists. Hi dear readers, I am Kaihan (I am using an alias name for security reasons.), and I am currently living in shadow in Afghanistan. I am a founding member of an atheist

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Atheist coalition challenges Canadian government on Special Refugee Program

2021-10-04 The tenuous and dangerous living circumstances in Afghanistan following the nation’s fall to the Taliban are dire for many of its citizens, especially atheists and other apostates. Humanist, atheist, and agnostic organizations in Canada represent a diverse group of

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2021-09-09: AFT Questions Federal Party Leaders

Question AFT Put to Each of the Five Federal Political Party Leaders Mr./Ms. [Name of Leader], As leader of the [Name of Party] party and candidate in the federal election of September 20, 2021, do you commit yourself and your

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