Freedom of Conscience & Freedom of Speech in Canada

David Rand, President, Atheist Freethinkers

This is a summary of a talk at the Days of Atheism event in Warsaw, Poland. Because of time and translation constraints, some of the points included here were not covered during the presentation given on March 28th 2015


In general, Canada is an open society with democratic governance which protects fundamental human rights. Nevertheless, there are many problems, some of which have been exacerbated in recent years because of the increasing spread of Islamist extremism and the overwhelming influence in Canada of Islamism’s objective ally: the ideology of multiculturalism.

Our Organization Libres penseurs athées – Atheist Freethinkers (LPA-AFT)

The current political situation in Canada and in Quebec

Federal Legislation

Provincial Legislation

  • Human Rights commissions which threaten freedom of speech
  • CDPDJ (Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse): recent disturbing proposal by CDPDJ president Jacques Frémont to prohibit “public incitement of hatred” on various grounds including religion

The Quebec Charter of Values/Secularism

Charlie Hebdo

  • Demonstrations in various Canadian cities, including Montreal, in support of Charlie Hebdo
  • Cowardice of anglo-Canadian media (except National Post) in not printing CH cover cartoons.
  • Our Press Release of 2015-01-08 about Charlie Hebdo and the need to repeal 2 federal provisions (blasphemy and religious exception in hate propaganda).
  • The January 27th event at the Lion d’or, talk by Charlie Hebdo journalist Zineb El-Rhazoui
  • Our Press Release of 2015-02-24 about the importance of publishing the cartoons.

The Niqab in Citizenship Hearings and the Hijab in Quebec Courts

  • Ban imposed December 2013 by a minister of the Harper government
  • Ban struck down by federal court
  • Harper government appealing
  • Our Press Release of 2015-02-26 supporting the niqab ban and the government’s appeal.
  • How the crazy multiculturalist position adopted by NDP (Mulcair) and Liberals (Trudeau) capitulates to Islamism and thus indirectly strengthens Harper and the Christian right (just as the failure of French leftists to speak truthfully about Islam strengthened the Front National).
  • Cartoon of Justin Trudeau

Conclusion: How multiculturalism and communitarianism enable Islamist extremism

  • Inept efforts of Quebec government to prevent Islamist “radicalisation”
  • Need to cancel the ERC (Ethics and religious culture) program in Quebec schools: We suggest keeping the ethics and morals aspect but replacing religion with philosophy for children.
  • Need to tell the truth about Islam in particular and monotheisms in general.

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