Author: Veronica Abbass

Did you know? The Sergeant-at-Arms’ Mace Has a Cross at the Top

In an article entitled “A Man Loyal to Canada and to His Faith” written by Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, de Souza highlights the fact that there is a cross at the top of the Canadian Sergeant-at-Arms’ Mace. De Souza

In the News: Some Peterborough Ontario Residents Get Together Before City Council Meetings to Pray for the Mayor and Councillors

Click to view full size Twenty-two weeks after the Supreme Court of Canada decision that members of municipal councils must cease reciting a prayer in the municipal council chamber, some Peterborough residents gathered in the park in front of Peterborough

Did you know? Until 1823, members of Nova Scotia’s Legislative Assembly were required to take an oath against transubstantiation

Laurence Kavanagh was the first English speaking Roman Catholic to become a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Nova Scotia. When Kavanagh was elected to represent Cape Breton, there was one barrier to his admission: Anyone wishing to hold