Did you know? The Sergeant-at-Arms’ Mace Has a Cross at the Top

In an article entitled “A Man Loyal to Canada and to His Faith” written by Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, de Souza highlights the fact that there is a cross at the top of the Canadian Sergeant-at-Arms’ Mace.

De Souza quotes from a page on the Parliament of Canada website, “The Mace: A Ceremonial Object Rich in History and Tradition”:

“The head of the mace is in the shape of a crown, with the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom appearing on it in relief. Roses, shamrocks, thistles, fleurs-de-lys and maple leaves are carved on the staff.”

Completely ignoring the fact that the crown represents the crown worn by British monarchs and all of the crowns worn by British monarchs have a cross at the top, de Souza says that the webpage “neglects to mention that the most notable item, at the very top of the Mace, above the crown, is not a maple leaf or a thistle, but the cross (emphasis added).” He goes on to say that the mace is “not only the heraldry of our history, but a symbol of faith.” And comes to the conclusion that the present Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, “a servant of Canada and disciple of Christ, has lived a life made possible by the grandness of our history and the broad horizons of our faith.”

Will no one rescue us from these meddlesome priests and monarchs?


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