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Quebec Group and Torontonian Sue Toronto to Stop Misuse of Funds to Oppose Bill 21

Toronto man sues City Hall over $100k donation to Quebec Bill 21 challenge, Andrew Lawton, True North, 2022-03-24.

A Toronto man has filed a lawsuit against the City of Toronto to scrap its $100,000 payment to a legal fund fighting Quebec’s controversial secularism bill.

In a notice of application filed with the Ontario Superior Court, Louis Labrecque accuses the City of Toronto of overstepping its mandate by fighting Bill 21, a law that has nothing to do with Toronto or Ontario.

“As a Quebec statute, Bill 21 does not engage, affect or limit the rights and freedoms of Torontonians,” the application says. “The Ontario Legislative Assembly has not enacted equivalent or similar legislation.”

The Quebec group Justice pour le Québec supports Labrecque in his suit against the City of Toronto.

We of Atheist Freethinkers, salute this excellent initiative to put and end to interference by the City of Toronto (as well as by other municipalities) outside their jurisdiction. English Canada’s antisecular obsession, i.e. its fanatical opposition to Bill 21, constitutes cultural imperialism against Quebec.

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  • Justice pour le Québec (Justice for Quebec),
    The mission of this group is to inform the population of the prejudice suffered by Quebec as a result of provincial or federal decisions that disadvantage it and to assert Quebec’s rights before government and judicial authorities. It works on four major dossiers: justice for the prisoners of October 1970; the French language in Quebec; the constitution and secularism.

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