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Quebec MNAs Respond Unanimously to Judge Blanchard

Assemblée nationale du Québec

In his decision of 20th April 2021 on Bill 21, Justice Blanchard of Quebec Superior Court exempted Quebec English-language schools from the ban on teachers wearing religious symbols and face-coverings. Similarly, he denied the Quebec National Assembly the right to ban sitting MNAs (Members of National Assembly) from wearing face-coverings. The MNAs have just responded eloquently to Justice Blanchard by way of two resolutions which they adopted unanimously on the 21st and 27th of April. These resolutions affirm the right of the Assembly to adopt laws which apply to all Québécois, as well as its right to establish its own rules of deliberation.

The resolution of 21st April 2021 reiterates that “the Quebec nation can legitimately establish its rules of living together and that the laws adopted by the National Assembly apply to everyone and throughout Quebec.”

The resolution of 27th April 2021 affirms “the right of the National Assembly to determine itself the applicable rules within the framework of parliamentary deliberations.”

Both resolutions were proposed by the CAQ government and adopted with a common voice by all MNAs and all four political parties. Even the Liberal Party of Quebec (LPQ) and Québec Solidaire (QS), both of which oppose Bill 21, approved the two resolutions. Bravo to our MNAs!

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