In the News: Ensaf Haidar Calls For Ban on Full Veil

Wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi calls for burqa ban in Ontario, Rahul Kalvapalle, Global News, 2018-07-01

The wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has called on Ontario Premier Doug Ford to ban the use of Islamic face coverings in public places. Ensaf Haidar, who along with her three children became a Canadian citizen on Canada Day, took to Twitter to urge Ford to follow Quebec’s lead and outlaw the burqa and niqab from government settings, schools, banks, hospitals and public transportation. […]

In a statement, Haidar told Global News that she wanted to use her first day as a Canadian citizen to raise awareness about the plight of women forced to abide by Sharia, or traditional Islamic law.

“As a refugee in Quebec and Canada I have noticed the fast growth of Islamist groups loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Saudi clergy imposing the Burqa and enforcing Niqab on girls and women as political flags to mark jihadi territory. […] on the first day as a Canadian I have raised the issue of banning the Burqa and Niqab in Ontario as I feel Premier Ford is a man who will listen to my plea and end the war by deception being waged by Islamists against Canadian values.”

Here is Ms. Haidar’s tweet:

Tweet by Ms. Haidar

The response from Twitter was mixed. Although Ms. Haidar received many favorable responses, she also received hostile reactions from those who are dupes of the pro-veil propaganda from the Canadian government and several federal political parties.

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