In the News: PDF Québec Intervenes in the Court Challenge to Bill 62, but for the Niqab Ban

From an announcement on Facebook

Great news! In the court challenge to the Religious Neutrality Bill 62, PDF Québec has been recognized as intervener.

As you have learned from media reports, the Superior Court has maintained the suspension of the article of Bill which states that public services much be offered and received with the face visible.

PDF Québec has just been recognized by the Court as intervener in this case. Our goal: defend women’s right to equality and the religious neutrality of the state, by preventing recognition of the wearing of the niqab as compatible with those two issues.

The cause will be heard in early August 2018.

Excellent news! Bravo to the feminist group PDF Québec (For the Rights of Women, Quebec). We must not allow the Islamist veil to be imposed. We must continue to fight against the ridiculous notion that wearing that banner of political Islam is a “right” everywhere and at all times.

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