In the News: Denmark Repeals Blasphemy Law

Blasphemy law in Denmark is no more!, IHEU, 2017-06-02

Today, the Danish parliament — the Folketing — has voted to abolish another European blasphemy law!

Following a controversial prosecution, a serious public and political debate, and now a decisive vote in parliament, Denmark becomes the fifth country in Europe to abolish “blasphemy” laws since 2015. Norway and Iceland abolished their laws in 2015, followed by Malta and France’s Alsace-Moselle region in 2016.

Finally! With the repeal of this Danish law, there is one less excuse for religious fanatics—such as those who govern Saudi Arabia and similar countries—to stifle and persecute the necessary criticism of religion.

Next step: Repeal the Canadian blasphemy law, article 296 of the Criminal Code!

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