In the News: Call for the defense of artistic freedom in Poland

In solidarity with our Polish friends, we reproduce here their urgent appeal.

Call for the defense of the Theatre “Powszechny” and of artistic freedom

We urge you to come to defend the Theatre “Powszechny” in Warsaw on Saturday, May 27, at 17:00. We have received information that the authorities encourage the use of violence by the members of the Radical-Nationalist Camp in order to disrupt the peaceful protest and to overcome the citizens’ resistance to the attacks on artistic freedom and on freedom of conscience.

Authors of a long campaign of hatred in the Catholic right-wing media and the perpetrators of the scandalous use of physical violence against the spectators of the performance of the play “Curse” in April have not been held accountable. Now, encouraged by their impunity, the nationalists plan a brutal attack on the artists and the siege of the theater.

It is our duty as citizens to defend fundamental democratic values.

No to the muzzling of artists artists!

No to the Catholic-National terror!

No to the killing of democracy!

We urge our fellow citizens to resist the growing wave of the Catholic-national oppression.

Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation, Poland

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