In the News: Atheism Censored in Russia

Web page promoting atheism blocked because it “insults believers”

A web page promoting atheism was blocked on the most popular Russian social network “Vkontakte” because, according to a court in Chechnya, it insulted the feelings of Orthodox Christians. Chechnya is a republic of Russia, located in the North Caucasus, with a Muslim majority.
One of the cartoons posted on the page — entitled “There is no god” — showed Jesus saying to a surgeon, “I created that cancer, how dare you remove it?” and the surgeon replying, “Be quiet, Jesus.”
Ever since 2012, Russian law prohibits insulting the sentiments of religious believers, punishable by up do three years in prison.

This is another disturbing example of censorship of criticism of religion, i.e. the application of an anti-blasphemy law.

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