In the News: Nine Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy in Kano, Nigeria

#SaveKanoNine: 9 sentenced to death for ‘blasphemy’ in Kano sparks anger, 2015-07-01

The case of a recent judgment by an Upper Sharia Court, Rijiyar Lemo, in Kano state, which passed death sentences on nine persons for blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed has generated anger among Nigerians. Early last month, a group of Tijjaniyya sect members, during Maulud in Kano, blasphemed the prophet of Islam and the action was followed by widespread protest in the state. After series of hearing, the Kano State Sharia Court of Appeal, in a statement, said the nine were found guilty under Sections 110 and 382B of the Sharia Penal Court law of 2000.

The nine people will be executed once the Kano State Governor appends his signature on their execution form. Reacting to the judgement, Nigerians on Wednesday took to Twitter to appeal for the sentence to be overturned.

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