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Ban on Religious Symbols in French Schools: Girls from Muslim Families Benefit

En France : L’interdiction du voile influence la scolarité des filles (In France, the Headscarf Ban Influences Success of Muslim Girls), Luc Cédelle, L’AUT’JOURNAL, 2021-09-01. A new book by economist and sociologist Eric Maurin, to be published in October, sheds new

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Indonesia bans forced religious attire in schools

Indonesia bans forced religious attire in schools, BBC, 2021-02-05. Indonesia has banned public schools from making religious attire compulsory, after the story of a Christian student being pressured to wear a headscarf in class went viral. The 16-year-old girl was

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2020-08-08: Why We Support Bill 21

AFT On-line Event, 2020-08-08 David Rand, President, Atheist Freethinkers Publication date: 2020-08-11 This talk was accompanied by a presentation of some thirty slides which we suggest you consult while reading through the text below. The video of the presentation is

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