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Highlights of AFT Presentation to the Comité des sages

David Rand Publication Date: 2024-05-26 The mandate of the Comité des sages (Committee of Experts) is to advise the Quebec government on the subject of so-called “gender identity.” Atheist Freethinkers prepared a brief (in French) on that issue which we

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In the News:
Trans Surgeries Banned for Minors in Alberta

Danielle Smith unveils sweeping changes to Alberta’s student gender identity, sports and surgery policies, Michelle Bellefontaine, CBC News, 2024-01-31. Alberta will prohibit hormonal treatment, puberty blockers and gender affirming surgery for children 15 years and younger, Premier Danielle Smith announced

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Protect Trans Rights, Yes, But Not in Defiance of Reality

Jean Thibaudeau for the Board of Directors of Atheists Freethinkers Publication Date: 2023-10-06 We consider that, in the current debate, only the concept of biological sex constitutes a concrete and objective criterion, validated by a very high level of scientific

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Culture and Citizenship Quebec Program: Two Observations

Nadia El-Mabrouk For Board of Directors of Rassemblement pour la laïcité (RPL, Alliance for Secularism) 2023-08-26 We are delighted with the changes made to the new version of the Culture and Citizenship Quebec (CCQ) program in connection with secularism. Following

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