IFOP Poll: The French and Secularism

According to a poll conducted by IFOP (Institut français d’opinion publique) for the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, the French are very much attached to the principle of republican secularism. Even French Muslims, whose responses to the poll questions are often very different from those of the French in general, strongly support the 1905 secularism law (questions 1 and 4). French Muslims’ level of support for the 2010 ban on the full veil (3rd question) is not indicated in the poll report.


Data taken from the poll: Les Français et la laïcité : état des lieux (The French and Secularism, The Current Situation), Jérémie Peltier.

Sampling and Methodology: The poll was conducted using a sample of 2505 persons representative of the French population aged 18 years and over. The representativity of the sample was ensured using the quota method (sex, age and profession of the interviewee) after stratification by region and type of town or city. The interviews were done using a self-administered on-line questionnaire between March 12th and 18th of 2019.

See also the full report (in French).

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