CROP Poll: Ban on Religious Symbols Worn by Teachers

Anti-secularists who oppose Quebec’s Draft Bill 21 sometimes claim that Montrealers and young people break the trend of Quebecers in general who are very much in favour of banning religious symbols worn by public servants. However, this is not true.

The following graph displays a particular aspect of the results of the CROP poll, i.e. data dealing with the ban on religious symbols worn by teachers. Of the five categories of public service personnel, it is for teachers that the approval rating for the ban is lowest. (The four other categories are police, judges, prosecutors and prison guards.)

And yet, we see that, even in this category where approval is weakest, the majority, including those in the Montreal region and among the youngest, nevertheless supports the ban on religious symbols. Their support is somewhat weaker according to this poll, but it remains a majority.

See also the page CROP Poll: Opinions of Québécois about Secularism & Immigration which displays other data from the same poll.

Data taken from the poll: Questions sur la laïcité et l’immigration (Questions about Secularism and Immigration), CROP, 2018-11.

The data were collected on line from the 14th to the 19th of November 2018 via a web panel. A total of a thousand questionnaires were completed by Quebecers aged 18 or more.

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