2022, January & February

29th Jan. 2022

11th Annual International Day of Protest Against Hereditary Religion
End Hereditary Religion

Parents have a right to educate their children about their religion, but not to indoctrinate them. Parents who impose their faith on their children usurp their children’s right to decide—when they reach maturity.

Video: The Problem with Hereditary Religion prepared for the 2021 event.

1st Feb. 2022


The tags #NoHijabDay and #FreeFromHijab are a protest against forced veiling of girls and women which occurs in some Muslim-majority countries, but also in some families in other countries.

The tag #LetUsTalk promotes the right of women to talk about their experiences with forced veiling and the liberation of discarding the veil.

12th Feb. 2022
La religion héréditaire
Pierre Marchand
(Videoconference in French)

Caricature, Nahid Zamani

Cartoon by Nahid Zamani



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