2021-06-12: Bill 21 and Court Challenges

Quebec Bill 21:

Vanguard of secularism despite its modesty

David Rand, President, Atheist Freethinkers


In this talk, David Rand explains:

  • What Bill 21 does.
  • Why we support it.
  • The current state of the court challenge to the law.

The first half, approximately, of the talk summarizes material covered in a previous on-line event: 2020-08-08: Why We Support Bill 21. The second half covers events which have occurred since then, i.e. the legal challenge by opponents of Bill 21 before Quebec Superior Court and the upcoming appeal before the Quebec Court of Appeal.

This talk was accompanied by a presentation of some thirty slides. The video of the presentation is also available in our Youtube channel.

The following video is the discussion period which followed the talk:

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