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Municipal Funding of Opponents of Bill 21 is Illegal

Droits collectifs Québec (DCQ)

Press Release of Droits collectifs Québec (DCQ)

Funding of Bill 21 Opponents by the City of Toronto

The Importance of Standing Tall

Sherbrooke, 14th July 2023Droits collectifs Québec (DCQ or Collective Rights Quebec) and its partners are delighted with the judgment rendered yesterday by Justice Chalmers of the Superior Court of Ontario, following the legal proceedings initiated by the citizen Louis Labrecque, himself supported in particular by Justice pour le Québec and its late president, Mr. Frédéric Bastien, to contest the financial assistance paid by the City of Toronto to organizations contesting Quebec’s Act respecting State secularism.


About DCQ
Droits collectifs Québec is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 and stemming from Quebec civil society. Its mission is to contribute to the defense of collective rights throughout the territory of Quebec, in particular with regard to the linguistic and constitutional rights of citizens. Based on a non-partisan approach, the organization’s action includes many areas of intervention, including popular education, social mobilization, political representation and legal action.

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Etienne-Alexis Boucher
President, Droits Collectifs Québec

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