In the News:
The Trudeauisation of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Bill Privileges Muslims in State Government, Dexter Van Zile, Focus on Western Islamism, 2023-03-15.

The Massachusetts state legislature is considering a bill that would promote and privilege the participation of Muslims in state politics.[…]

The bill is “an unprecedented and unconstitutional effort to promote one religion, Islam, over all others,” said Steve Resnicoff, director of DePaul College of Law Center for Jewish Law and Judaic Studies. “It would clearly violate the principle of separation of church and state.” It would be one thing if the proposed commission were intended to combat discrimination against Muslims, Resnicoff said, but that’s not the case with this bill. “Instead, it calls for the creation of a government entity that would broadly endeavor to benefit the interests of Muslims,” he said.[…]

Thomas Sheedy, president of the New York-based Atheists for Liberty warns that the act could be used “as a Trojan Horse to violate the Establishment Clause and ultimately the religious neutrality guaranteed to all Bay Staters.” […]

This draft legislation, if passed into law, would grant special undue privileges to Islam, something which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does regularly.

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One comment on “In the News:
The Trudeauisation of Massachusetts
  1. Massachusets is the state most similar politically to some Canadian provinces. It’s much more to the left than any other US state, so no surprise it is inspired to act on the same issues. Redress of injustice was always the Left’s policy. So much so that when they overshoot and introduce injustice elsewhere, they see it as cost of doing business. When people see themselves as knights in shining armour fighting the Good Cause, it’s very easy to overlook collateral damage.

    As for Trudeau, he will sing a different tune once Canadians, fed up with too much NDP-inspired legislation, help sever the NDP-Liberal coalition, by voting more conservative next time around. Or not. It depends on the voters, and what they see as their options at the time of next election.

    Best regards to all.

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