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Tarek Fatah Denounces Islamist Infiltration in Canada

FATAH: Who will listen to the cries of ordinary Muslims?, Tarek Fatah, Toronto Sun, 2021-07-14.

I recently had an informal meeting with 30 other Muslims to chat about their growing concerns over the growing infiltration of Islamist extremism in this country. Here are excerpts of what some of these ordinary Muslims in Canada had to say.

Raheel Raza, president of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, said: “For someone who has received death threats and a fatwa simply for warning Canadians about the dangers of Islamism, I feel betrayed. Unfortunately, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian ayatollahs and Pakistan’s security agency ISI are not only at play in Canada but have penetrated our political system. It seems Canadian politicians would rather uphold the medieval agenda of the Islamists rather than those of us who embrace Canadian values and refuse to play the victim card.”


“Unless religion is separated from politics, like in Quebec and Europe, Canadian politicians are playing with fire,” [Ahmad] Chaudhury said. He points to the differing reactions to attacks on churches compared to attacks on mosques and how the first is considered more acceptable than the second.

Realtor Mumtaz Khan said he was worried how his children in the public school system were being identified as Muslims while at home they are taught to be first and foremost Canadian and to respect and honour Western civilization.


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