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In France, A Teacher Denounces the Islamist Threat

Menacé de mort après avoir défendu Samuel Paty, un professeur témoigne (“Threatened with Death for Having Defended Samuel Paty, A Teacher Testifies”), Idèr Nabili, LCI, 2021-02-07.

A philosophy teacher Didier Lemaire in the French town of Trappes, outside Paris, is under police protection after publishing a letter in which he expressed his solidarity with Samuel Paty (beheaded by an Islamist in October 2020) and explained to his fellow teachers the importance of protecting students from increasing Islamist pressure.

According to Mr. Lemaire, teachers live in fear and often engage in self-censorship. The situation has gotten increasingly worse over the years. Twenty years ago, after a synagogue fire, Jews abandoned the town. Later, Portuguese immigrants left too. Now moderate Muslims and atheists are leaving. Today, women from North Africa are effectively excluded from cafés.

The situation in France is alarming. Islamists and their sympathizers have increasing influence. Meanwhile, the American press refuses to hold Islamists responsible and shamefully blames the victims, accusing the French, or at least their government, of intolerance.

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