In the News: Sikhs Must Respect Workplace Helmet Rules

Supreme Court won’t hear Sikh truck drivers’ challenge to workplace helmets, The Canadian Press, 2020-04-30.

The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear a case from Sikh truck drivers seeking exemption from wearing protective helmets upon exiting their vehicles at the Port of Montreal.

The country’s highest court announced its decision on Thursday morning. Following its usual practice, the court gave no reasons for its decision.

The refusal means the ruling from the Quebec Court of Appeal remains in effect.

Quebec’s top court ruled that in the case of these truckers, workplace safety must take precedence over impacts on freedom of religion.

The three Sikh truck drivers had argued on religious grounds to challenge the requirement that they wear a hard hat when exiting their trucks at the worksite.

Very good decision. Religious exceptions to health and safety rules are unacceptable. All persons, regardless of religion or lack of religion, must respect the rules. To do otherwise would constitute a religious privilege which would be incompatible with secularism.

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