In the News: Clergy Excluded from Order of Precedence in Quebec

Le clergé écarté de l’ordre de préséance pour les cérémonies publiques au Québec (Clergy Excluded from Order of Precedence for Official Ceremonies in Quebec), Marie-Michèle Sioui, Le Devoir, 2019-11-22.

Catholic Church authorities will no longer have precedence over Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) in official Quebec government ceremonies. Last week the cabinet of Premier François Legault issued a decree which excludes religious representatives completely from the order of precedence. The decree also added representatives of indigenous peoples. The order of precedence is a symbolic hierarchy which ranks in order of importance the various participants in official ceremonies such as funerals, swearing-in of MNAs, awards and honours, etc.

Another step—small and symbolic, but nevertheless significant—towards the secularization of the Quebec State.

See also:

  • Order of precedence in Quebec, Wikipedia, consulted 2019-11-25, most recent modification 2019-03-17.
    N.B. : At the time this Wikipedia page was consulted, it displayed the previous order of precedence, in effect before the decree described above.
  • Canadian order of precedence, Wikipedia.

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