In the News: Religious Headwear to be Allowed in U.S. Congress

New Muslim congresswoman will seek to allow religious headwear in the House, AJ Willingham, CNN, 2018-11-19.

Last week, Democrats announced a proposal to end a rule that bans headwear on the House floor. Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim congresswomen, vocally supported the move on social media this weekend. […] Omar wears a religious headscarf, and under the current 181-year-old rule, a House member must be “uncovered” in order to address the floor, and cannot even enter the House “with his head covered.”

Granting this religious privilege is obviously a step backwards for the U.S. Congress. But what is worse is the naïveté and complacency of so-called liberals who support such religious accommodations. Worse still is their arrogance, their claim to be morally superior to those who oppose it.

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