In the News: MNA Agnès Malthais proposes a commission on indoctrination by sects

Endoctrinement des sectes: Maltais veut une commission parlementaire (Indoctrination by Sects: Maltais Wants a Parliamentary Commission), Ian Bussières, Le Soleil, 2017-11-23

MNA Agnès Malthais has asked the Commission on Institutions of the Quebec National Assembly to investigate methods of indoctrination used by organized sects and how members are impacted by them. Eventually, she envisions a parliamentary commission dedicated to this topic. This proposal is motivated by the case of Éloïse Dupuis, a young Jehovah’s Witness who died recently, shortly after giving birth and refusing a blood transfusion. Mme Malthais is particularly concerned about sect members facing a medical emergency, especially women, and she questions to what extent the consent of a person who has been a member for years can be truly free and voluntary.

Indoctrination is a staple of religions in general, not just those which are typically referred to as “sects.” In reality, mainstream religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. are merely sects which have succeeded in establishing themselves and enduring.

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