In the News: Montreal Police Investigating Imams

Montreal police investigating imams for controversial comments, Shuyee Lee, iHeart Radio, 2017-03-10

Montreal police are investigating controversial comments made by Montreal imams at a mosque in St. Laurent captured in YouTube videos.

The 2014 videos were posted by a member of the Al-Andalous Islamic Center which was made aware of them only recently and they have since been taken down.

In one, an imam calls on Allah “to destroy the accursed Jews”, “to kill them one by one” and “to make their children orphans and their women widows.”

The centre has since put out a statement calilng it a “clumsy and unacceptable” phrasing used by a substitute imam, Sayyed Al-Ghitaoui.[…]

But the centre has not addressed another video by its regular imam, Wael Al-Ghitaoui saying Jews were punished by Allah for the Middle East conflict.


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