In the News: Prof refuses to wear device for religious reasons

MUN prof refuses to wear device for hearing disabled student, cites religious reasons, Todd O’Brien and Geoff Bartlett, CBC News, 2015-09-16

A Memorial University student with a hearing disability is upset that one of his professors refused to wear a sound-transmitting device last week during a lecture, and he said she told him it was because of religious reasons.

William Sears, 20, says Ranee Panjabi would not wear an FM transmitter system that he needs to hear lectures at the school in St. John’s.

CBC News reached out to Memorial University for a response to the complaint, and was told the university has worked with the student to reach “an acceptable accommodation,” but could not comment further due to privacy concerns.

Panjabi has not responded to CBC’s requests for an interview.

The professor’s “religious reasons” are unknown to us, but we wonder why the university should accommodate them.

2 comments on “In the News: Prof refuses to wear device for religious reasons
  1. Wayne Plimmer says:

    When will it be appropriate to stand up to these ridiculous religious entitlements? The answer is ALWAYS!
    What could possibly be offensive (in a religious sense) to the wearing of a device that benefits someone with a hearing problem?
    Panjabi should be told that teaching is not the best profession for her. In addition, the university should not to pander to such silliness.

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