Did you know? An author has documented murders committed by god in the bible

The American author Steve Wells has counted no less than 158 slaughters in the bible. Each one is either directly perpetrated by Yahweh or “commissioned” or heartily approved by him. This includes not only the Old Testament but also the supposedly “peaceful” New Testament as well. Tallying all these violent deaths gives us a total of 2,821,364. And even then, we are counting only those massacres where the number of victims is given with precision in the bible. By including estimates (very conservative and very well justified or documented) of these other massacres, Wells obtains the very impressive, although approximate, total of 25 million murders.

If the god of goodness has such a thirst for blood, then the score obtained by Satan, being evil incarnate, must be terrifying! By applying the same method to the actions of the Prince of Darkness, Wells found him responsible for… at most 60 deaths. All of which were approved by Yahweh, because they were committed as part of a bet on Job’s faith.


  • Drunk With Blood, Steve Wells