Polls: Ipsos & Angus Reid, 2017, Face-coverings & Bill 62


N.B.: In these polls, the questions put to respondents apparently did not take into consideration the accommodations which Quebec Bill 62 permits. That is, respondants were simply asked their opinion of a ban on face-coverings or the niqab, without mentioning the exceptions allowed by Bill 62.

Data: Majority (68%) of Canadians Support Bill 62-Style Law in their Province.
See also: La majorité des Canadiens appuie la loi sur la neutralité religieuse, révèle un sondage (Majority of Canadians Support Bill on Religious Neutrality). The poll was conducted on line in October 2017 using a sample of 1001 respondents.


Data: Four-in-ten outside Quebec would prohibit women wearing niqabs from receiving government services. See also: Full report. Poll conducted in October 2017 using samples of 1971 and 1511 Canadian adults.

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