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Membership Drive 2017

Become a member of the first explicitly atheist organization in Canada,
the only one which promotes public services free of religious symbols,
thus respecting the freedom of conscience of everyone!

Join AFT!

Our organization Atheist Freethinkers is currently in the midst of a membership drive. If you have never been a member of AFT, or if you have been in the past but your membership has lapsed, we encourage you to support us by joining or re-joining. We need you!

AFT was founded in 2010 and 2011, by and for atheists who fully affirm their atheism, without apology and without compromise. To learn more about our approach, read our Atheist Manifesto, Declaration of principles and our page About AFT. We also invite you to consult our numerous blogs, press releases and other content on our English and French web sites.

The positions we take are solid and rigorous, especially in a country where communitarianism and religious privilege are accepted by others as the norm, a norm imposed by intimidation, where even many non-believers fall unfortunately into line, conforming to the rule known as multiculturalism which is far too pretty a name, given the cultural relativism which it masks. But we do not conform to that wretched rule and of that we are proud.

In 2013 and 2014 we supported the Charter of Secularism proposed by the government of Quebec at the time, appearing before a parliamentary commission in order to affirm our position. More recently we expressed, once again before a parliamentary commission, our resolute opposition to Draft Bill 62 which, if passed, would throw the doors of the Quebec public service wide open to religion accommodations and to the wearing of fundamentalist religious symbols.

We are both secularist and antireligious. These two positions are not incompatible. Rather, they complement each other. It is because religions are so dangerous, especially when they acquire political influence, that secularism is necessary. And it is precisely for the same reason that we are antireligious.

To join AFT, you simply need to sign our Atheist Manifesto and then pay the modest sum of $15 for an annual membership (or $200 for a lifetime membership) by visiting our Membership and Donations page. Once you have joined, you will have access to our email discussion lists and the private areas of our web sites. This will allow you to contribute to our debates and participate in our future decisions.

Join Atheist Freethinkers!

We need your help to continue our work.

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