Quebec City Attack

AFT Declaration Concerning
the Quebec City Attack of 29th January 2017

The organization Atheist Freethinkers (AFT) condemns the recent murderous attack, on a Quebec City mosque, which left six dead and several wounded. Although information about the event was uncertain in its immediate aftermath, it is now clear that the perpetrator was a single individual acting against Muslims. Thus the attack was motivated by religious bigotry and directed against members of a specific religious group. Nothing can justify such abject, gratuitous and murderous violence.


We have learned that all of the wounded are now, fortunately, in stable condition. Nevertheless, six people are dead, six lives brutally extinguished, six tragedies which cannot be undone. We offer our sincere condolences to family and friends of the deceased.

Atheist Freethinkers, 31st January 2017

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