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AFT On-Line Talk, 11th November 2023

2023-11-11 @ 14:00 - 17:00

“Wokism” as a Parareligion (in English)

Although debate continues on how best to describe the so-called “woke” movement, there is general consensus among many authors and observers that it is a very damaging, cult-like movement which has rejected Enlightenment universalism.

Some authors conclude that “wokism” is literally a new religion. I prefer to call it a parareligion because of the absence of any explicit supernatural belief. At any rate, it is clear that “wokism” greatly resembles a religion, with its unfalsifiable dogma (ubiquitous and eternal racism), its original sin (whiteness), the extreme moral arrogance of the faithful (any disagreement is considered heresy and censored), its magical thinking (gender identity), its mantras, puritanism, rites, martyrs, etc.

As a parareligion or religion, “wokism” must be separated from the State. This is especially imperative in that it has already infiltrated many institutions in our society, including universities, schools and government departments. The need for secularism has never been more urgent.

Cette conférence a été présentée en français le 9 septembre dernier.
La vidéo est disponible sur notre site web :
Le « wokisme » en tant que parareligion

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14:00 - 17:00
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