Blog 128: The End of Western Civilization?

Pierre Marchand


If the West is to be able to hold its own against China, it needs to focus on technology, not the “woke” social sciences. While our academics are wasting their time inventing gender-neutral language, banning “offensive” words and ostracizing those who dare to hold a differing opinion (cancel culture), the Chinese, meanwhile, produce engineers and scientists in enormous numbers. Before long, they will surpass Americans not only economically, but above all technologically and militarily. They are ahead in 5G and supersonic missiles, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, they are experts in AI, cyber technologies, battery technology and nuclear energy. In the past they copied, but now they innovate.

In 2016, China produced 4.7 million science and technology graduates, India 2.6 million, and the US 568,000. China invests 48% of global investments in artificial intelligence, the Americans 38% and the rest of the world 14%. It is difficult to see how the West will be able to maintain its technological lead.

For its part, American culture is decadent, which only accelerates the decline of the US. With its anti-intellectualism, contempt for educated people, conspiracy theories, rejection of facts and science and cult of money as the only thing of real value, the USA is, in short, heading for disaster. The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few is reaching an unacceptable level.

Furthermore, Americans are incredibly narcissistic. They believe themselves to be the “Chosen People of God” and conceitedly declare American exceptionalism. They see themselves as a model of democracy, a model they would like to impose on the whole planet. And yet, they are not even able to hold fair elections, without cheating. We observe practices such as gerrymandering (redrawing electoral districts to gain an electoral advantage), attempts to discourage certain ethnic groups from voting, spreading of “fake facts” to smear the adversary, appeals to foreign countries to influence the vote, reduction of the number of polling stations, banning voting by mail, etc., etc., etc. We are even starting to see intimidation of journalists. Is this the greatest democracy in the world?

The USA does not value education enough, unlike China or Europe. Yes, they have good universities and good researchers. But not in large enough numbers. Their education system is too expensive and discourages many bright students. Despite a constitution affirming religious neutrality and a growing number of people who say they have no religious affiliation, religions continue to wield inordinate power there. These factors will contribute to accelerating the decline of the USA, particularly in the technology and military sectors.

Europe is the other important block of Western civilization. But it was weakened by the two world wars and it too is in decline. We are witnessing a demographic decline (the birth rate is very low) and a decline in innovation. Europe is weakened economically and morally by waves of immigration. The UK has left it. It is partially held captive by the USSR for its energy supply. Europe too is infected with the irrational. It too is subject to an unacceptable concentration of wealth. The EU provides for religious freedom, nothing more, while religions continue to play an important role. In particular we are witnessing an increasing presence of Islam. In short, Europe will not be able to stand up to China.

Should atheists rejoice that an atheist dictatorship is in the process of replacing democracies infected by religions?

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