The Day After Nice, 14th July 2016

Our resistance must not be limited to grief and vigils; rather it must take the form of an extensive mobilization transcending borders and countries. The language of truth must prevail over that of deception and lies. We know all too well that the rhetoric of “not-all-in-the-same-basket” is falsely benevolent: it simply excuses the assassins and blames the victims. We have lost too much time trying to appease the untameable beast that is Islamism. Even worse, we have nurtured it in a thousand and one ways.

In the fight against Islamist barbarity, half-measures are out of the question. That has been my point of view for the last twenty years. I will continue to defend this strong conviction in memory of those who are gone and together with the brave who refuse to concede an inch to those slaughterers of life.

Together We Resist!

Djemila Benhabib, 15th July 2016

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