Author: David Rand

Did you know? The Bolsheviks decriminalized homosexuality & abortion. Stalin recriminalized them.

According to the Wikipedia entry on Communism and homosexuality: In 1917 in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Vladimir Lenin decriminalized homosexuality, and allowed openly homosexual people to serve in the government. Joseph Stalin re-criminalized homosexuality in 1933 (Stalin’s criminal

Did you know? Supreme Court imposes religious neutrality on public servants

Did you know that the Supreme Court of Canada, in its decision of 15th April 2015, imposes a duty of religious neutrality on representatives of the state? That decision prohibits the reciting of prayers at Saguenay city council meetings, because

Did you know? Hate propaganda legislation in Canada has a religious exception

Modified 2017-02-17 In the Canadian Criminal Code, sections 318, 319 and 320 deal with hate propaganda. Section 319(3) includes a list of four so-called “Defences,” i.e. exceptions where speech is justified and cannot be prosecuted as hate propaganda. First in